About Us

My name is Damian John Renzello, I am the owner and inventor of Damian J. Products and The Porta-Rinx line ... Twelve years ago my Mother asked me what I thought about a portable kit for an ice skating rink ... she said, you know something you can set up and take down at the end of the season, I thought it was a Great idea so I designed... Porta-Rinx, a portable kit for an ice skating rink.

A couple of years later, after resurfacing my new portable ice skating rinks with a hose, I thought there had to be a better way, So I designed, The Bambini, ice resurfacing machine! I figured if someone invented a "Baby Zamboni" they would call it a Bambini, So I did! For all of you who have experienced ice resurfacing with a hose you know, it's a nightmare! The Best way I found to resurface ice skating rinks is by using hot water!

The hot water when it hits the top layer of the ice, it melts just a small layer ... when it freezes ... it creates a bond of ice! When you resurface ice with cold water, sometimes the water freezes before it has a chance to bond with the ice, creating layers of ice which can easily chip away! When spraying with a hose, sometimes the water starts freezing and then the water underneath that thin layer finds a way to go somewhere else, creating shell ice!

A couple years later, I realized it was quite common to get bumps on the ice, from freezing rain, slush ice, shell ice and more ... So, I designed The Ice Mower, ice shaving machine

The Ice Mower is designed to shave bumps smooth and it does Beautifully!

A couple years later, I put the Bambini and Ice Mower together, added a Snow Blower and created The Bambini Revolution The all-in-one ice resurfacing machine ... As seen in "Popular Science" magazine, March 2007 Page 69 ... The Bambini Revolution throws Snow, Shaves Ice and Drops hot water, All in one pass! Create perfect ice skating trails around a pond or lake ... or use it to maintain ANY outdoor ice Hockey/Skating rink! and to make a long story short ... a couple years later, I started working on portable refrigerated ice skating rinks.