Porta-Rinx™ is a portable kit for an Ice Skating Rink! A kit, that literally Snaps Together! Porta-Rinx™ is Great for Schools, Colleges & Universities, Ski Resorts, Condo Associations, Cities, Towns, Park and Recreation Centers, Community Organizations, and The Backyard of Any Home!

Porta-Rinx makes having a Backyard Rink, FUN!

Porta-Rinx will Last for Many Years to come!

No More Tools, Boards, Stakes or Staples needed! No More hours of intensive labor in setting up your rink! Two people can Set up a 30' by 60' Porta-Rinx kit in less than one hour - Fill it with water, level if needed and let it Freeze...

Porta-Rinx comes in a variety of sizes


Porta-Rinx Pricing:

10'x 20'
20'x 20'
20'x 40'
30' x 60'
40'x 80'
50'x 100'
100'x 100'
100'x 200'

Add 20% for shipping outside New England and 10% within New England
When ordering, expect 10 to 14 days for delivery upon receipt of order.
* When ordering around the holidays expect a couple days delay.
-- Replacement Liners are available upon request .22¢ per sq.ft. --

Porta-Rinx uses the best Frame System, the best Liner System and by far the best Fastening System! 

Porta-Rinx uses a 12 mil. String Reinforced, Double Laminated polyethylene plastic for our Liner.  The string reinforcement gives
our liner tear resistance, in the event the liner is damaged, each kit comes with a roll of repair tape for easy off-season repairs.

The Porta-Rinx Fastening System is one of the keys to our product!


Porta-Rinx also includes "The Box Kit" 

The Box Kit

The Box Kit includes an Instructional Book, Four Frame, and Fastening corners, a roll of repair tape for off-season liner repairs, a silicone gun and a tube of rubberized silicone for underwater repairs. The kit also includes string, string level, and four leveling stakes to assist you in leveling your Porta-Rinx portable ice skating rink!

Porta-Rinx also includes a leveling kit ... which consists of a number of wooden blocks to assist you in leveling your Rink.


The Box Kit

These wooden blocks will level your rink up to 8 inches, easily! When leveling your rink more than 8 inches, simply, replace the 8 inches of wooden blocks with an 8 x 8 x 16 standard cinder block, if that's not enough... use the wooden blocks to go higher!

Note: When leveling 12 inches or more, I recommended that you set up your frame first, then set your cinder blocks, one every three feet on center, just underneath the frame, so that the inside of the frame is flush, looking down the side of the rink/cinder blocks.

The Box Kit

Then, install your liner running to the bottom corner and up the side of the cinder block, securing and fastening the liner to the frame.

If it gets to a point where lifting is out of the question, take one of your cinder blocks and place it 10 inches from the outside of the frame, then take a 2 x 4 at least 6 feet long and wedge one end underneath the frame ... you'll get the hang of it! push down on the opposite end and you will see you will be able to lift the frame higher, with not much effort ... place the appropriate amount of wooden blocks needed for final leveling of the frame.


The Box Kit

When looking for a portable kit for an ice skating rink, do your research and Do your homework, then do the math in Time and Labor and then call Porta-Rinx 4 Ice Time ...

Porta-Rinx is definitely the "Best Choice" for a Portable Kit for an Ice Skating Rink.

Accept No Imitations! There is only one Porta-Rinx!

Porta-Rinx is Vermont Made, in the USA.

To whom this may concern ...

My name is Damian John Renzello, I am the owner of Damian J. Products, LLC.  and The Porta-Rinx line ... 14 years ago my Mother asked me what I thought about a portable kit, for an ice skating rink. She said, you know something you can set up and take down at the end of each season, I thought it was a Great idea so I designed ... Porta-Rinx

A portable kit, for an ice skating rink!

A couple years later, after resurfacing my new ice skating rinks with a hose, I thought "there had to be a better way", So I designed The Bambini - it is an ice resurfacing machine! and will resurface any rink surface with ease!

I figured if someone invented a "Baby Zamboni" they would call it a Bambini, So I did! 

Note: For all of you who have experienced ice resurfacing with a hose you know it is a nightmare! The best way I found to resurface ice, first, is by using hot water! The hot water when it hits the top layer of the ice it melts just a thin layer, when it re-freezes, it creates a bond of ice! When you resurface ice with cold water, sometimes the water freezes before it has a chance to bond with the existing ice, creating layers of ice, which can easily chip away! Also, When spraying-resurfacing with a hose ... sometimes the water starts freezing and then the water underneath that thin layer, finds a way to go somewhere else... ultimately creating shell ice!

A couple years later, I found it was common to get bumps on the ice... So, I designed The Ice Mower, it is an ice shaving machine! Designed to shave bumps smooth and it does Beautifully!

A couple years later, I put the Bambini and The Ice Mower together... added a Snow Blower and created what I call, The Bambini Revolution, it is an all-in-one ice resurfacing machine ... as seen in "Popular Science" magazine, March 2007 Page 69. The Bambini Revolution throws snow, shaves ice and drops hot water all in one pass! you can now create perfect ice skating trails around a pond or lake ... or use it to maintain the local outdoor ice Hockey/Skating rink!

A couple years later, I started working on portable refrigerated ice skating rinks...

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Thanks again, Damian J. Renzello

Owner - Damian J. Products, LLC.
And The Port-Rinx Line ...