From our first phone contact you were helpful and informative, endured repeated questions, told us what would and would not work for us, and finally stood behind you[r] product so completely that you should be made an honorary resident of New Milford!

-Staci Handschuh, Program Coordinator
New Milford Police Department Youth Center, NJ
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...from a maintenance standpoint the set up and take down are very easy. Along with the Porta-Rinx we purchased a hundred-gallon Bambini, which has paid for itself ten times over...

-Michael E. Provencher, Park Maintenance Supervisor
Town of Somers, CT
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The system you have designed is excellent at retaining water, eliminating the holes and shell ice that we have always experienced before with our skating rinks.

-William H. Finger, Town Manager
Town of Shelburne, VT
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It took 45 minutes for the two of us to set up the Porta-Rinx. Then the Fire Department spent an hour filling the 50' X 100' area as we leveled the Rink. Total time from start to finish was 2 hours!! Unbelievable.

-Lisa Huestis, Recreation Director
Town of Berwick, ME


The Porta-Rinx has been wonderful... I am not sure how we got along without it.

-Guy Egri, Principal
Edmunds Elementary School, Burlington, VT
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...your Porta-Rinx has been much more than a beautiful skating facility. It has brought our community together in many ways.

-Chris S. Heimert, PTO
Edmunds Elementary School, Burlington, VT
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...our family and friends have had a ball. The easy installation and quality of this rink is quite amazing. The end results, Wow! What better way to spend some off time, fresh air and good clean family fun.

-The Dindo Family
Very Happy Customers
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Damian has gone out of his way time and time again to make sure our rink was in good shape despite horrendous weather for ice making.

-Gregg Beldock
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Our son at that time had very little ice time and was just entering a learn to skate program to teach him the basics of skating. He used the rink the entire winter with family, friends and alone his skating skill improved tremendously. I truly believe that his improvements and desire to play hockey have a lot to do with being able to practice at his convenience on his own rink.

-Jennifer Packard
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...let me say how pleased I am with your system. It has really worked out well even with the 14" of leveling I had to do on one side.

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I would like to Thank all of you and so many more for your kind words, if ever I can help, always be sure to give me a call Anytime!

I enjoy receiving and posting new letters. If you have one you'd like to share with others, please e-mail it to